• Connecting Healthcare

    Connecting Healthcare

    through Mobile Technology

  • Connecting Healthcare

    Connecting Healthcare

    through Mobile Technology

  • Connecting Healthcare

    Connecting Healthcare

    through Mobile Technology

About mClinica

At mClinica we are using mobile technology to connect pharmaceutical companies to pharmacies making healthcare better for the patient.

Please read more about how we are changing healthcare.

mClinica CONNECT

mClinica has developed a proprietary mobile technology platform that links pharmaceutical companies to pharmacies and their patients. Today, thousands of pharmacies around the world are part of our platform reaching millions of patients.

  • Patients

    Patients using mClinica applications can

    ❖ Purchase medication at a discount
    ❖ Receive targeted health information on their mobile phone
    ❖ Receive reminders to increase adherence
    ❖ Gain assurance that medication is more readily available at the pharmacy of their choice

  • Pharmacies

    Joining mClinica allows a Pharmacy to

    ❖ Boost customer loyalty through customized programs
    ❖ Increase store sales through targeted promotions
    ❖ Grow store sales through increased refill and repeat medication purchases
    ❖ Improve patient health by increasing patient knowledge

  • Pharmaceutical Companies

    Partnering with mClinica enables a Pharmaceutical Company to

    ❖ Develop direct and targeted relationships with Pharmacies
    ❖ Increase overall brand awareness and loyalty
    ❖ Offer product specific patient education and adherence programs
    ❖ Develop market intelligence and gain consumer level visibility into markets

mClinica 360

mClinica 360 is a cloud-based platform that empowers pharmaceutical companies, distributors and pharmacies to access powerful data and analytics on the market and their customers in real-time. By providing actionable data and insights that have never been available before, mClinica is helping to make healthcare better for the patient.


mClinica APPLABS

mClinica builds beautiful, engaging mobile apps for Pharmaceutical Companies




➦ Reference apps for providers to use with the patient at the point of care

➦ Includes safety & efficacy studies, contraindications, dosage advice, patient assistance programs, and more



➦ Apps for medical representative training

➦ Detail aids for medical representatives to help educate providers



➦ Apps for patients that help them increase their knowledge, take their medication as prescribed, and realize better health outcomes

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