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SwipeRx survey: drug pricing and the use of medication samples in Malaysia

Malaysia’s Health Minister. Dr. Dzulkefly Ahmad, announced recently that the government was drafting a proposal to control the prices of drugs in the country. This medication pricing mechanism would guarantee that access to medicine is affordable for all citizens. What do pharmacy professionals think about it? How will it impact their patients? To find out, we ran a poll on SwipeRx, the largest social network of pharmacies and pharmacy professionals in Southeast Asia. We also took the opportunity to ask pharmacists about the use of medication samples across the practice. Scroll down to download our infographic. Majority of patients very concerned


SwipeRx showcased at the 2019 Philippines Pharmacists Association National Convention

The Philippines Pharmacists Association held its National Convention this past April 30th in the Davao City. The 5 day convention attracted over 4000 pharmacy professionals, as well as organizations that work with pharmacy professionals and others in healthcare throughout Asia Pacific. mClinica hosted a booth to promote SwipeRx among Filipino pharmacists during the convention. The Philippine Pharmacists Association, or PPhA, is a national pharmacists group with about 15,000 members. The theme of this year’s PPhA convention was “Unleash the power in you: Pharmacists rising beyond expectations.” Organizers hoped to highlight the role of pharmacy professionals in healthcare. During the convention,


Data: Most pharmacists in the Philippines agree with lowering CPD requirements

The Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) of the Philippines has recently decided to lower the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) requirements for pharmacists from 45 units to 15. Using our SwipeRx platform, we surveyed over 400 pharmacy professionals in the Philippines to ask them whether or not they were in favor of minimizing the CPD requirements. Read on to find out what our results showed: Overwhelming majority of pharmacists are in favor of the new CPD law Our poll revealed that more than 92% of pharmacists are in favor of reducing the required CPD units. The main reasons given were that it