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New data: Most pharmacists in Indonesia lack training for drug recalls

Multiple hypertension drugs including Irbesartan, Losartan, and Valsartan, have been recalled in the United States and Europe due to chemical impurities. Following the US and Europe’s lead, the National Agency for Drug and Food Control of the Republic of Indonesia (BPOM) has also ordered their recall.  At mClinica, we wanted to find out whether pharmacists in Indonesia are prepared to execute this drug recall. So, last month we polled 492 pharmacy professionals in Indonesia using SwipeRx surveys, and uncovered the following data: Most pharmacists knew about the recall but did not have training on how to respond According to our poll,

Is it real of fake medicine?

Why are fake medicines still a problem in Southeast Asia?

The problem of fake medicines is far from being solved in Asia. The Pharmaceutical Security Institute reported that 1,100 “incidents” involving counterfeit and illegal pharmaceuticals were reported in Asia in 2015. The UN Office on Drugs and Crime has also revealed that Asia has the largest share of the global trade in illegal and fake medicines. So, why does this problem persist and what solutions exist today? Failure to monitor the supply chain keeps fake medicines on the market When supply chain security is weak, it becomes increasingly difficult to trust that patients are being prescribed real medications. Recent crackdowns on counterfeit

Nickel Joins Pharmaceutical Society of Singapores’s Forum on IT in Pharmacy

The Pharmaceutical Society of Singapore’s Young Pharmacist Chapter, or YPC, hosted its annual Pharmacy Forum event this past February 27th, 2019. With over 100 pharmacists in attendance, visitors gathered at the National Cancer Center Auditorium in Singapore to listen to a discussion panel and ask questions about the latest developments of information technology in pharmacy. Lindsay Nickel, Head of Partnerships & Alliances at mClinica, was joined on the panel by Dr. Kevin Yap, Senior Lecturer in Public Health at La Trobe University, and Mr. Kenneth Leung, healthcare data analyst and founder of Medview. Dr. Yap is an interdisciplinary cyber-pharmacist and

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Want to reduce childhood illness? Let pharmacists give vaccines.

Pharmacists hold a unique position in the healthcare system: they are highly accessible to the public and are the most visited health care professionals. They have long opening hours, a wide availability of medicines, and are spread across wide geographies – many areas tend to have pharmacies a lot closer than they do clinics. Yet, pharmacists are still limited in the services that they can provide, including the ability to administer vaccines. Pharmacists should assume a larger role with regard to immunization, particularly in densely populated regions in Southeast Asia where both child and adult immunizations are being neglected, adding to the

mClinica’s SnapRx platform wins Award at the World Government Summit

The World Government Summit honored mClinica with a global award for its innovative big data platform, SnapRx DUBAI, February 12, 2019 – mClinica was awarded the Best m-Government Service Award at this year’s World Government Summit in the United Arab Emirates. The SnapRx platform, developed by mClinica, won out of over 4,000 applications from more than 80 countries. The adjudication panel representing the Summit recognized the transformational impact of SnapRx, which provides public health data and analytics from over 100 million patients whose data was previously unavailable. SnapRx is a proprietary app that uses artificial intelligence to seamlessly generate